Starting Gear

Each class starts with a set of starting gear:

Fighter: Select one of these two sets of gear:

Fighter Gear Set #1: Battle Axe or Sword (1d6 damage}, Bow (1d6 damage}, Chain Armor, Shield

Fighter Gear Set #2: Great Sword (1d6+1 damage), Crossbow (1d6 damage), Chain Armor.

Cleric: Mace or Hammer (1d6 damage), Chain Armor, Holy Symbol, Shield.

Magic-User: Staff (1d6 damage) 2 daggers (1d6-1 damage), spell book.

Thief: Select one of these two sets of starting gear:

Thief Gear Set #1: Sword (1d6 damage) and Dagger (1d6-1 damage), Leather Armor.

Thief Gear Set #2: Dagger (1d6-1 drng), Bow (1d6 damage), Leather Armor.

In addition to Starting Gear, choose one Adventuring Pack for your character.

  • Pack #1: Backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torches (6), 50 feet rope, crowbar, rations (7 days), waterskin, 15 gold pieces.
  • Pack #2: Backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, hooded lantern, 2 pints of oil, hammer, iron spikes (12), 10 feet pole, rations (7 days), waterskin, 15 gold pieces.
  • Pack #3: Backpack, extra backpack, iron spikes (12), bedroll, pack mule, rations (7 days), small hammer, waterskin, 10 gold pieces.

Additional Equipment

Adventurers can purchase or acquire all kinds of weapons, armor and equipment during their exploits. Listed below are commonly and easily purchased pieces of equipment.


Characters who engage in combat without a weapon inflict a single point of damage with a successful attack. All ranged weapons are considered to come with the necessary ammunition. Ammunition is not tracked during an adventure; however, referees may require purchasing ammunition before starting a new adventure.

Missile/Thrown Weapons

Weapon Damage Range Cost
Bow 1d6 100 feet 15 gp
Crossbow 1d6+1 60 feet 12 gp
Dagger 1d6-1 10 feet 2 gp
Sling 1d6-1 40 feet 1 gp
Spear 1d6 20 feet 1 gp

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Cost
Axe 1d6 5 gp
Staff (2-H) 1d6 Free
Club 1d6 Free
Sword 1d6 15 gp
Dagger 1d6-1 2 gp
Sword, Short 1d6-1 8 gp
Mace 1d6 10 gp
Sword (2-H) 1d6+1 30 gp
Spear 1d6 1 gp


A character’s ability to be able to wear armor may be limited by their class. A character can only wear a single set of armor, but may also use a shield (if allowed by their class). Modifiers from armor and shield are cumulative.

Armor Type AC Modifier Cost
Leather -2 [+2] 5 gp
Ring -3 [+3] 30 gp
Chain -4 [+4] 75 gp
Plate -6 [+6] 100 gp
Shield -1 [+1] 15 gp

Adventuring Gear

Listed below are several commonly available items used by adventurers. The referee is encouraged to expand this list to suit their needs, using listed prices as a guide. Torches give off 30 feet of light for one hour and lanterns give off 30 feet of light for 4 hours, but require a pint of oil.

Item Cost
Backpack 3 gp
Bedroll 1 gp
Block and tackle 5 gp
Crowbar 2 gp
Flint & Steel 1 gp
Grappling Hook 1gp
Holy Symbol 2 gp
Holy Water 25 gp
Hooded Lantern 10 gp
Iron Spikes(12) 5 gp
Manacles 10 gp
Oil (1 Pint) 1 gp
Pack Mule 5 gp
Rope (50 feet) 3 gp
Sack 1gp
Small Hammer 1 gp
Spellbook (blank) 25 gp
Ten Foot Pole 2 gp
Tent (4 person) 10 gp
Torches(6) 5 cp
Waterskin 1 gp
Wolfsbane 1 gp

Encumbrance (Optional)

Characters can only carry limited amounts of stuff and the more they carry the slower they move. Characters can normally carry a number of items equal to their strength (plus 4 if the character is a dwarf) in addition to armor, primary weapon, and possibly a shield. Six of these items can be readily available dangling from a belt or slung over the shoulders, but everything else goes into the backpack. Small collections of things (10 flasks, 20 arrows, 50 gems, 100 gold pieces) count as a single item. Oversized items (two-handed weapons, anything as tall as the character or that requires two hands to carry) count as two items.

A character carrying 6 or fewer items is unencumbered (move: 120 feet). A character carrying 7-12 items is lightly encumbered (move: 90 feet). A character carrying 13-18 items is heavily encumbered (move: 60 feet). A character carrying more than 18 items is over-encumbered (move 30 feet). A character trying to carry 22 or more items cannot move at all. Adjust number of items for each encumbrance class by +4 if the character is a dwarf.

Pack mules carrying up to 18 items are unencumbered (move: 120 feet); 19-24 items is lightly encumbered (move: 90 feet); 25-30 items is heavily encumbered (move: 60 feet), 31-36 items is over-encumbered (move: 30 feet). Pack mules with a greater load stubbornly refuse to move. It takes a full round to pack or unpack an item from a pack mule’s pack. A pack horse can care double what a pack mule can carry, but horses will never may not be used inside dungeons.