Attributes are generated by rolling 3d6 in the order listed below. Attributes of 15 or higher have a +1 bonus.

Strength: Physical might. Fighters add this bonus to all attack and damage rolls in melee.

Intelligence: Intellectual prowess. Magic-users can apply this bonus as a negative Save penalty to anyone they target with a spell.

Wisdom: Strength of will. Clerics with a 15 or higher can memorize an additional 1st level spell

Constitution: Physical health. All characters add this bonus at 1st level to their HP and each time they roll their Hit Dice

Dexterity: Agility and grace. All characters add this bonus to their "to-hit" number in ranged combat, and as a bonus to their AC.

Charisma: Charm and leadership ability. All characters with a bonus begin play with a Torchbearer (HD 1-1; AC 9 [10], Move: 120’)

Determine your attribute save for each attribute using the following table:

Attribute Attribute Save
3-4 16
5-6 15
7-8 14
9-10 13
11-12 12
13-14 11
15-16 10
17-18 9