Some monsters (like skeletons guarding a tomb) may always attack. In cases where the reaction of the monsters to the party is not obvious, the referee may opt to make a reaction roll for the monsters by rolling 2d6 and adding the CHR bonus (and any other appropriate modifiers) to the roll and consulting this table.

Adjusted Reaction Roll Result
2 or less Very Unfavorable
3-6 Unfavorable
7 Neutral/Uncertain
8-11 Favorable
12 or more Very Favorable

Interpretation of the results is left to the referee, however, these general principles may prove helpful. Very Unfavorable means the monsters will most likely attack unless the odds are overwhelmingly against them. They will not help the characters. Unfavorable means the monsters are hostile and might attack unless they are given a good reason not to. They will not help the characters. Neutral means the monsters are unsure of the party. They are not likely to attack immediately, but are not friendly or helpful. Favorable means the monsters are willing to listen and are open to negotiation. They might be willing to be slightly helpful. Very Favorable means the monsters like the characters, are willing to be somewhat helpful, and are open to working with the party to mutual advantage.