During an adventure, it is likely that the player characters will recover some loot – both mundane and magical. As a general guideline, most monsters carry valuables as determined by the chart below (the value is in GP but the treasure may be in silver, copper, jewelry, gems, etc.). The referee should also roll 1d20 for every HD of the monster defeated. If a 20 is rolled, then a magic item of the referee's choosing has been discovered.

Monster HD Valuables Recovered
1 HD or less 1d6 gold pieces
1+1 HD – 2 HD 3d6 gold pieces
2+1 HD – 4 HD 6d6 gold pieces
4+1 HD – 6 HD 1d6 x 10 gold pieces
6+1 HD – 8 HD 1d6 x 25 gold pieces
8+1 HD – 10 HD 1d6 x 100 gold pieces
10+1 HD or greater 1d6 x 250 gold pieces

Magic Items

Enchanted items are rare. They fall into four broad categories. Consumable items are scrolls or potions that, once used, are expended. Scrolls are parchments inscribed with Cleric or Magic-User spells, which can be used by their respective classes to cast the inscribed spell without having it prepared. Magic-Users may instead choose to expend the scroll to inscribe it in their spellbook to be prepared and cast later. In either case, the spell fades from the scroll once used. Potions can be drunk by anyone. If drunk during combat the character may not attack in the same round. Weapons give a bonus to all to-hit and damage rolls per their specified bonus when used. Armor provides the specified bonus to the wearer's armor class on top of the armor's normal bonus. Miscellaneous items have various effects defined below.


  • Potion of Giant Strength: +4 bonus to melee damage for one hour.
  • Potion of Healing: Heal 1d6+1 HP.
  • Potion of Heroism: +2 bonus to Armor Class, to-hit and damage rolls for one hour.
  • Potion of Flying: Gain the ability to Fly at twice normal speed for 1 hour.
  • Potion of Speed: Double movement rate and attack twice per round for 5 rounds.

Spell Scroll: One randomly determined Cleric or Magic-User spell is written on the scroll: Roll a D6: 1-3 1st Level Spell, 4-5 2nd Level Spell, 6 3rd Level Spell (MU scroll: roll again, on a second 6, a 4th level Spell).


Magical weapons are ranked as +1, +2, or +3. This bonus is added to all to-hit and damage rolls when using that weapon. Any melee, missile, or thrown weapon can become a magic weapon. (Roll 4d6. Four sixes +3 weapon, three sixes +2 weapon, all other rolls +1 weapon.)


Magical Armor and Shields have a +1 bonus, which is a beneficial modifier to the user's Armor Class. Any type of armor or shield can be magical.

Miscellaneous Items

Bedroll of Restful Sleep: Spending an entire night in this bedroll cures 1d3 plus the sleeper’s level in hit points.

Bag of Holding: A small belt pouch capable of holding up to 100 lbs.

Book of Heroes: One random attribute increases by 1, then the book vanishes.

Boots of Silence: Wearer is perfectly silent when moving.

Climber's Rope: A 100 feet long rope that can hold 500 lbs and can be commanded to knot itself.

Endless Torch: Radiates a non-flammable fire that never goes out, even under water.

Goggles of Dark Sight: Wearer can see perfectly in real or magical darkness.

Headband of Life: When placed around the head of an intelligent being who has been dead for less than ten minutes, it will restore the wearer to life in a blinding burst of light. The headband is destroyed when it activates.

Healer's Staff: Usable by Clerics only. Cast Cure Wounds I three times per day.

Luckstone: Bearer gets +1 to all saves.

Magic Wand: Cast one 1st level magic-user spell (chosen by referee), 3 times per day.

Magic Rod: Cast one 2nd level magic-user spell (chosen by referee), 1 time per day.

Necklace of Water Breathing: Wearer can breathe under water (fresh or salt) as if in air.

Protective ltem+1: Either a ring, cloak, or bracer. Grants a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.

Ring of Invisibility: Wearer can cast Invisibility on self once per day.

Ring of Fire Immunity: Wearer suffers no damage from heat or fire even if magical.

Treasure Hunter's Tools: Usable by Thief only. +1 to all d6 skills.

Warrior's Horn: Usable by Fighter only. Once per day, fighter can summon 1d6 1st level fighter allies who remain loyal for 5 rounds.

Wizard's Staff: Usable by Magic-user only. Detect Magic at will; prepare 1 extra 1st level spell per day.