1st Level Cleric Spells

Cure Wounds I
Range: Touch, Duration: Instant.
Restore 1d6+1 hit points to a single target.

Detect Good or Evil
Range: 120 feet, Duration 1 hour.
The cleric can detect good or evil creatures, enchantments, and auras.

Spiritual Protection
Range: Caster, Duration: 2 hours.
Anyone attacking the caster suffers a -1 penalty to hit and the caster receives a +1 to all saving throws.

Range: 60 feet, Duration: 5 rounds.
All allies within range receive a +1 to all to hit and Saves.

2nd Level Cleric Spells

Find Traps
Range: 30 feet, Duration: 2 turns.
Caster automatically detects any magical or mundane traps in range.

Hold Person
Range: 180 feet, Duration: 9 turns.
A single target cannot move or act, but may make a Save each round to break effect.

Range: 180 feet, Duration: 12 turns.
No sound can be heard in an area of 15 cubic feet. This prevents spell casting.

Speak with Animals
Range: Caster, Duration: 6 turns.
The caster can speak with animals, but not monsters.

3rd Level Cleric Spells

Cure Condition
Range: Touch, Duration: Instant.
Cure target of being poisoned, turned to stone, diseased, or cursed.

Cure Wounds II
Range: Touch, Duration: Instant.
Restore 3d6+3 hit points to a single target.