1st Level Magic-User Spells

Range: Caster, Duration: 6 hours.
Caster gains a -4 [+4] bonus to AC.

Charm Person
Range 30 feet, Duration: 1 day.
A single humanoid target of normal size regards the caster as a friend unless they make a successful save or are betrayed.

Detect Magic
Range 60 feet, Duration 2 turns.
Caster can perceive the presence of magic.

Range 120 feet, Duration: 2 hours.
The target of this spell produces light as a torch.

Magic Missile
Range: 250 feet, Duration: Instant.
A magic dart unerringly strikes a single target for 1d6 damage.

Read Language
Range: Caster. Duration: 8 hours.
Read any non-magical text.

Range 240 feet, Duration: 1d6 hours.
A total of 2d6+3 HD of enemies fall asleep, but no single creature of 4 HD or more can be affected.

2nd Level Magic-User Spells

Arcane Ward
Range: Touch, Duration: Instant.
A single door, gate, or portal can be opened or locked. Locks both mundane and magical are unlocked and vice versa.

Range: 120 feet, Duration: 3 turns.
Create an intangible image capable of nonverbal sounds and simple movement. Viewers may make a Save to see through it.

Range: Touch, Duration: See below.
The target of this spell (which can be the caster) becomes invisible and cannot be seen. They can only be attacked if their general location is known and attackers suffer a -4 penalty to hit. This enchantment ends if the target attacks, casts a spell, or acts aggressively.

Range: Touch, Duration: 12 turns.
Target gains ogre-like strength, adding +3 to all melee damage rolls.

Range: 30 feet, Duration: 8 hours
Sticky webs fill an area up to10 x 10 x20 feet. It takes one turn to burn or hack through them. Crossing them without doing so takes 3 turns.

3rd Level Magic-User Spells

Dispel Magic
Range: 60 feet, Duration: Permanent.
Dispel an active spell. Particularly strong spells may make a saving throw to resist, at referee’s discretion.

Range: 240 feet, Duration: Instant.
A ball of fire explodes, filling a radius of 20 feet and inflicting 6d6 damage on all in that area. Victims may make a save to take half damage.

Range: Touch, Duration: 1 hour.
Target can fly at their normal speed.

Summon Monster
Range: 60 feet, Duration: 6 rounds.
Three 1 HD monsters appear and serve the caster faithfully.

4th Level Magic-User Spells

Dimension Door
Range: 360 feet, Duration: Instant.
Caster can teleport to any distance that is visible up to the spell’s range.

Ice Storm
Range: 600 feet, Duration: 5 rounds.
Frozen hail fills an area 30 feet in radius, inflicting 3d6 damage on all in that area each round and reducing movement by half. No saving throw is allowed.

Wizard Eye
Range: 240 feet, Duration: 1 hour.
Caster conjures an invisible eye they can see through and can fly up to 240 feet from them.