The following rules are optional and may be used (or not used) as determined by the referee.

  • Determine Initiative: Each character rolls a DEX Attribute Save. Fighters get a +5, Clerics get a +2, others receive no modifier. Those who make their save act before the monsters attack in the round. Those who fail their save act after the monsters attack. Spellcasters desiring to cast a spell as their action must announce the spell being cast before they make their DEX attribute save.
  • Healing: In addition to magical means of restoring hit points, a character will recover 1 hit point per night of good sleep or a number of hit points equal to their level per full day of uninterrupted rest.
  • Damage and Death: When a target is hit, damage is rolled on the weapon used in the attack. For example, a spear does 1d6 damage. The resulting damage is deducted from the opponent's HP. When HP reach zero or below, the target is unconscious and is dying. The target will die unless their HP are raised to 1 or higher within ten minutes.
  • Avoiding Death: When a character would die, the player has the option of taking a permanent debility instead (and recovering with 1 hit point after a full day of rest). Roll 1d6 to determine the attribute affected by the debility (1 – Strength, 2 –Intelligence, 3 – Wisdom, 4 – Constitution, 5 – Dexterity, 6 – Charisma). Subtract 3 points from that attribute. This loss is permanent and cannot be restored by Cure Condition or other magic. The player should describe what the debility does to the character’s appearance (e.g., a swordfight that resulted in a Dexterity debility might leave the character missing a couple of fingers). If a debility reduces an attribute below 3, the character actually dies.