Characters can try to do anything their players can think of. The referee decides if it will succeed in the situation, taking into account the characters’ classes and backgrounds. If success or failure is not obvious, the referee may allow an Attribute Save to determine success or failure. The Referee picks the attribute that applies to the action and announces any modifiers to the roll. The player rolls a D20 and compares the modified result to the character’s appropriate attribute save. If the result is higher, whatever the character is attempting succeeds.

Standard Modifiers:
+5 – Action is directly related to character’s class and/or background.
+2 – Action is loosely related to character’s class and/or background.
+0 – Action is not really related to character’s class or background.

Situational Modifiers are determined by the referee based on the specific situation. Except in unusual cases, the total of these modifiers should be somewhere between -5 and +5.

Basic Adventuring Actions: Characters in Dungeon Delving Undying Light are assumed to be competent adventurers. Unless a player specifies otherwise about a character at character creation, all characters are assumed to have basic practical adventuring abilities such as maintaining weapons and armor, riding a horse, setting up a camp, swimming, climbing, cooking, first aid, etc., and have a rough idea of the value of common coins, trade goods, gems, and jewels. Success should simply be assumed unless there are unusual conditions.